Monday, February 22, 2010


February 22 is the final week for the February EZ KAL/Book Club. I don't believe there was anyone else knitting baby things, but super knitters Pam and Nellie are moving right along on their January Fishtrap Aran sweaters! Both are using Cascade 220 wool yarn. Here are two photos, taken last Monday night. First is Nellie's in progress...aren't her stitches lovely? She hasn't decided about a border yet - ribbing, garter stitch, seed stitch?

And below is Pam's in such a pretty sage grey-green. You can even get a glimpse of her Heather Hoodie vest:

Pam's hands are blurry in the photo because she knits so fast!

Join us tonight if your roads aren't to bad! Its a good night for knitting and coffee, chai or tea!

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